Lecture at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

We want to thank the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (http://www.upb.edu.co/) for the opportunity to give a small lecture about the studio method. This April Miquel del Río gave a lecture and was part of two critiques at Colombian UPB

Students from 3rd to 7th semester held the lecture in a small auditorium. The view from the stage was stunning.

From there Miquel did a small critique for students from 4th untill 7th semester working on a specific building.

The proposals had a strong emphasis on public space, one of the musts of today's Colombian architecture.

Projects where explained by students and then commented in groups of three.

Later Miquel was astonished by the level reached by 3rd semester students.

Working in groups of 3, people was planning a part of Medellin.

All the work put together was really impressing.

After that we went to see one of the works of a very promising young architect, Adriana Salazar. Discover them before it's too late! Architectural Record already discovered them (http://archrecord.construction.com/features/humanitariandesign/Latin-America/Fernando-Botero-Library-Park.asp)

My congratulations to both students and teachers!
UPB, we'll see us again in the future.

Special thanks to Carlos Betancur for his warm welcoming and the photoset. Check their web at http://www.opusestudio.com/
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OAC mailing box

Final piece of the OAC mailing box.

It's a mailing box for the citizens suggestions.

It takes the shape of the existing furniture.

The closing key it set in the middle, as a "house window".

The piece is in varnished black MDF.

The paper is protected by the shape but gently escapes to be easy to take.

All can be opened for easy maintenance.

The open piece brings to our mind some kind of housing icon.

It's gently set above the floor to create a shadow.

The glass is embedded in the material, being easy to be replaced.

The "interior" space has some spatial qualities that remember other architecture projects, being part of the studio guidelines.

More information about the project under the _OAC-mail tag

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Onda published in HIC*

We are very proud to announce that HIC* has published the Onda project.

We hope this will be the first of a long collaboration

Aigua de ribes

Site visit to define the exact position of the walls

In the image detail of the entrance section: we lowered the right part in the image, and with the extra pieces created a bench.

Site photo of drawn section.

Checking the stones.

We are proud to have a new member in the team: Núria Comella (www.alterfocus.net). Here spontaneous checking the bench possibilities.

Detail of the upper boxes.

The rock before being boxed.

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