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Today we present the process behind the logo of RaichdelRio.

As we decided to give a new impulse to the office, we arrived to the natural position of rethinking our image, and to do it so we chose Marc Sala, as he had already done the first option.

Old RaichelRio Logo.

This time we wanted a logo that would reflect the way we think and very fast came the idea of a stamp-logo: something that would go back to history (stamps have allways been part of bureaucracy) and would also reflect "analog" values (as we are always very focused on "reality").

We gave this briefing to Marc and he came with this four options.

We very fast liked the firs ones, but the last one had some kind of straight forward simplicity that we also liked. We decided to take out the double-exterior-ring but keep the double typography (one for the outside and one for the inside).

We also agreed in putting the whole name of the studio "RaichdelRio, estudi d'arquitectura", as this second part talks of Catalonia (where we come from) but the stamp would talk the global language (where we want to operate).

With this hints, Marc came with this option that kept the double circle as union of miquel and lluís.

Once we had the logo, we brought the same kind of thinking to the cards, making a backside very simple and straight forward that would dialogue with the other side.

One for Miquel

One for Lluís

And one for the studio? not by now...

And then came the paper decision: very fast came on the table a piece of carton as we use in the models and we decided it to be in gray carton, having the same qualities of manual, architecture and a little bit of strength.

Once we started researching the market, we found that real stamps where very expensive and, sadly gave a digital water to the logos to make the cards:

Final design with digital waters.

When we brought the paper to the print-house they immediately said that it would break the machine and sent us to a very old and creepy print-house where they would eventually print it for us.
Same answer was given in the second print-house but they offered us the possibility of creating a stamp and mechanically stamp it: finally we had came to an analogue decision that would fit into the mechanical era!

Those are the stamps.

They are not gold, just a yellow polimere...

And we finally got our cards.

This is a detail of the digital marks in the design.

And the same zone once converted into analog information.

Another detail.

We arrived to a final decision that we are proud to say that follows our thinking and represent the current state of RaichdelRio

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