050_casa betania

today we present a project we've been working in for the last 4 months... and just got the approval by the architect's union. special thanks to RdL arquitectos!!!

the project sits in barcelona, on the edge of the city, almost in contact with the mountain

it's the ground floor of a building from the 70's, a typical suburban block

the building is surrounded by generous vegetation, and the flat has direct access to it.

we did a small refurbish to change it from a previous use of office to a use of housing, for what we had to do all the permits plus the changes to fit it in the new regulations.

we found the flat in pretty good conditions

we carefully selected the minimum walls to demolish

leaving a clear space

and the carefully built some walls

giving a very clear structure

with kitchen-eating room and two rooms overlooking to the rear patio, and main bed-room and living room overlooking the green patio on the front

careful attention was given to the toilets, one is a refurbish and the other is a new-built toilet

we carefully built new walls in several heights to control and give shape to a shapeless pre-existence

the new wc will be all clad in a colour

and in the old one only the shower part (which has all the regulation walls) will be re-done

a view from the entrance, with direct contact to the food-room (kitchen and eating room) and its light

another view to the food-room from the toilets access

view from the food-room to the main bedroom

view from the kitchen to the entrance

view from one room into the living room

view of the living room with direct access to the outside green patio

More info about this project under the 050_betania tag

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