"Riera" conditioning

"Riera" conditioning study in Cambrils.

More information at http://www.raichdelrio.com/

As a study, we got asked to re-think a "riera", a small water path that only brings watter when strong storms happen, being dry most of the year.

First we did was walking it to get to know...

and we realised that, despite being a central element in the town structure, it was completely unused.
and we also realised that it was almost "invisible" from the street level.

So we decided to give some uses to it... by making slopes, places to play... So we decided to make it visible from the street wit some elements, wooden plattforms floating (like leafes in a river) at the street level, connecting both levels.

They would be elements with a stair that would grow to become visible.

With a plattform growing at the street level.

And once we walked the "riera" level and pass underby we would discover that they are made from two different wood layers that filter the light in different ways.

Some would touch both sides, some would toch one, some wouldn't toch any...

And this elemeents would make visible the "riera" from the street, its path...

and from the "riera" level we would discover a new world to use.

From the street they would "float" on the river and give new perspectives of it.

More information at http://www.raichdelrio.com/

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