Unicef's shop window

How would you make a shop window without budget?

More information at http://www.raichdelrio.com/

When they asked us to "refurnish" the entrance of the Unicef shop in Barcelona with no budget we immediately thought of "epidermical" solutions that could give maximum result with minimum expense.

From our point of view, the problem was that the store was (dis)connected from the street by a dark passage filled with outlet products, far from being a welcoming place.

Studying the shop (beyond the open white door) we discovered the blue, a colour that was immediately taken as a solution. We also discovered that light wasn't in the product, but in the corridor space.

So the solution was: buying some painting and light diffusers. That was our proposal. And our hands, of course.

Walls were painted in blue and white and light was pointed at the product.

So now between the street and the shop there was not a dark passage, but a place where to start thinking of what you will buy inside.

Besides, we created stencils with the Unicef logo, that we placed in the wall, both in positive

And in negative, making visible that it was a Unicef shop (not so clear before the intervention)

So the goal was accomplished: creating an entrance, giving a shop window, and connecting the shop to the street.

Besides, we also created a product-placement system made with old boxes found in the store and the stencils previously used, so that the product can be now showed in a wide range of possibilities.

360º sight of result. You can see the stencils in the walls and boxes, the product placement and the connection between the shop window and the shop.

This project was done with (and thanks to) Pau Gonzalez-Rojas Amat, who commissioned us the job and appears in the photo.

More information at http://www.raichdelrio.com/

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