Carretera Secundaria exhibition

Or how architecture can meet other disciplines

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This was an exhibition about how architecture students deal with other disciplines while studying achitecture. It was done in the ETSAB (the architecture school in barcelona) with ETSAB students.

It was an open registration and people from very different disciplines came to us (including lighting and scenography but also cooking or sewing)

So the question was: how to give to all these different contents a common frame? how to organize them all?
It fastly came the idea of the "secondary road", a road which is not the main road (that would be working in an architecture office as an intern) and that, of course, can be much more slow but can also make you look at the landscape (your enviroment) in a different way.

The first big thing was there: making a road crossing all the hall, and placing the works outside from it, hanging from the ceilling. Al the posters had in one side the work printed and in the other side pictores of "secondary roads".

At the end, it happened that people walked through the road...

The path was done in standard moquete, and we self-printed the lines with a stencil.

Early sketch - concept.

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