Conference Hall at Ave Maria, Barcelona

Second version. Model and plans.

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After the previous presentation (, we got asked to rethink the project so it could be both a conference hall and a meeting room.

We kept the main ideas: the orientation, the fact of having an "office" space at the entrance, the wall that unified the space... but incorporing the new input: we made a system of telescopic steps than places them in a closet, and made the office a little bit smaller to place the chairs and tables when not being used.

The meeting room holds 30 people with tables and chairs and the conference hall holds 100 people seated.

The telescopic steps were the only option to give visibility to the people sitting in the back and at the sime time allowing the room to convert in a meeting room.

The room as a conference hall

The room as meeting room.

As we said, the main ideas are still there: a continuous wood skin embracing the space, the orientation, the office space...

But the telescopic steps offer the possibility of transforing the space into several possibilities.

Sections showing the different spatial configurations.

The storage space made us think in more detail the office space.

Whereas the chairs were standard chairs, we thought about a table that could be stored easily and despite it could still be a representation table.

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