Carretera Secundaria exhibition

Or how architecture can meet other disciplines. Version 2. At COAC.

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When we did the first exhibition, people from the COAC (Official Architecture Organization from Catalonia) came to ask us to make it again, this time in an small exhibition space they have for emergent architecture. If the first time the main idea was a road, this time we climbed the road to the roof and made it a path to the exhibition space, not very visible from the street.

So the first decission was where to end this path that would bring people to this space.

The exhibited pieces would be sourrounded by mesh cilinders to protect them, who were bigger or smaller, and ware placed below the piece, at it's high or even higher, depending on the object presented.

This mesh started as ciliders but once there they got deformed.

And became "gosthy" shapes illuminated by the existing light.

The existing light was another of the subjects to play with.

This space had different colored lights that we decided to use: a general violet light for the exhibition and some bright white concentred light for the pieces exhibited.

The instalation of the "sky path"

Had to solve different problems...

But finally made it's function.

General view of the exhibition.

General plan of the exhibition.

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