Dinopolis - Teruel


We got a new commision: doing a 3d + movement (4d) cinema in a theme park: Dinopolis.

The building is a prefabricated storage-like building and in one of the corners we have to build the cinema. The requirements are a que room, a pre-show with a projection, a projection room and the technical space.

After some trials we put the technical room inbetween the two spaces to acustically isolate them.

And after checking structural requirements we put the projection against technical room.

We didn't have any clue on what was going to be displayed in the rooms but we had to give them an ambience. We then decided to give them two very strong and different ambiences that didn't suit a content but create a story by themselves.

Pre-show will be a hard-mineral space and show will be a soft-vegetal space.

Of course everything will be "theme park" and artificial.

Que-room is a one-color box where only light from top and down creates the ambience (creates distance with the rest of the theme park and makes you want to enter)

Pre-show is a cave-like space that takes advantage of the double space in one of the sides.

Show is a vegetal space up until 2.20m and then a pladur space. Acustical and technical requirements are behind the fake-vegetal courtain, as long as air-conditioning and light. We expect AC to move the vegetation and create some nice shadow effects with the light behind.

We'll keep you informed!!!

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