Today we present a plaza competition, in Onda, Alicante: the Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep.

Done in collaboration with Roure de Leon (http://www.rdlarquitectos.com/)

The plaza is part of a bigger system of 3 urban voids, being our spot the middle one. The proposal took this in account and did a bigger picture of the whole area.

Looking at the previous shape of our spot, we spotted that the circulation of vehicles had taken the whole area, leaving a small part for the pedestrians.

By reorganizing the circulation, we concentrated the traffic in one side of the plaza and left the other as a big and comfortable space for the pedestrians.

We treated the whole urban void as a uniform "plateaux" where the water channels would create the different spots, as the plaza has to serve once a year as a spectacular "corre-bous" scenario.

Into this plateaux we put a "surreal" planters screen that will create sub-spaces and several other furniture (benches, trees, a fountain...) that will make specific condition spaces.

Looking at the plan we can read the big plateaux fine tuned by the stone pieces (water channels and parking separators), as well as the big green screen that generates two main rooms and finishes as a fountain. We can also read the 3 benches: one in contact with the water, the other closing the kids playing space and a third one next to the small church, as welcoming space for the ceremonies held inside. We can also read the 3 trees: one in the fountain, one in the kids’ space and a third one as furniture of the small corner created by the buildings.

One big space tuned by a "surreal" planters surface. Pedestrians are free to walk the whole area while cars have a defined zone.

The planters surface changes in his space: sometimes is a vertical surface, sometimes generates a horizontal roof and in a specific side becomes a spectacular fountain.
Two images above by sbda renderings (http://sbda.cat/)

These elements generate different ways of living the plaza.
Kids can play in defined areas (playground protected by bench or fountain) but also can play away from the cars, reconquesting the plaza for the people.

The two main rooms can contain scenarios for concerts or other plays, both invading the car space or not.

The main event (the corre-bous) is held without problems in this uniform space, having space for an extension of the spectators space, if needed.

The uniform space allows other uses of the plaza (like fairs).

Schematic section showing the pieces relations.

More info about this project under the onda tag

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