Baró de Viver

Today we present the "Baró de Viver" competition, a building for activities + 3rd age people.
We took as a base the idea of the planter, as something that holds life and gives it to the surrounding.
Competition done in collaboration with Roure de Leon (

The whole edge wall becomes a planter from which two boxes emerge to hold the public uses (3rd age + activities rooms)

The middle space holds a sunken auditorium that holds orchards in his roof.

In between the boxes the access is produced creating a public space in the heart of the building.

The patio is the heart of the actuation, holding the ramp for the orchards and facing to the south.

The whole construction system is with prefabricated elements and ceramic partitions, giving a friendly finish to the building.

The piece is inserted in a transition zone between housing and industries. The project creates an inside green-lung that can be used from outside.

In the plan the pieces appear with clarity, as well as a secondary entrance to the auditorium.

The uses are clearly separated by circulation spaces, allowing simultaneous or separated use without major interaction.

The orchards are the heart of the project.

The elevation shows the jalousies and the entrance space.

The two program boxes look at the orchards, over the sunken auditorium.

Elevation shows the building as a planter, with the ceramic walls helping against vandalism.

The patio is elevated from the use space, generating a smoother ramp in the orchards.

Sunken auditorium and 3rd age spaces.

The pieces allow for future growing.

More info about this project under the Baro de Viver tag

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