Conference Hall at "Ave Maria", Barcelona

Model and plans.
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The proposal comes from cleaning the actual conference hall, leaving it clear, and placing a big "furniture" that creates the seats & the speacker zones, creating a wall that embraces both.

View of the hall & the furniture.

This wall has different widths and distances from the room creating space for storage, just being a wall, creating a small changing room, solving the relation between the floor and the windows... making by this a spiral that goes troughall the sala.

At the rear it creates a small "office" room, wich serves also as a small acreditation space.

Lateral view, showing the lateral stairs that allow all the people to have two ways to enter (one from the central corridor and another from the lateral stairs).

Project inserted.

The first seats gently turn to look at the speakers.

The intervention takes it's high from the lateral doors and has a precise control of where and when touching and not touching the original sala.

It is constructed in wood, as a light construction than can be constructed fast and clean, without disturbing the normal function of the building.

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