034_hermandad de los gitanos

Project for a new headquarters for the "Hermandad de los Gitanos".
An organization for traditional Easter processions in Seville.

The headquarters had to be an addition to an existing church.

And would become the facade for a new public space in town.

We started with the maximum envelope (bigger than the asked program).

We lifted it from the ground to generate a free ground floor.

Then detached it from the existing building to let it breath, keeping the total length of the church.

And then emptied the volume to let the air come in.

The project was formalized with a solid volume attached to the church, then a light structure creating a frame that could grow, which we would fill up with the desired program for phase one (less than the maximum volume) and then we would cover this very straight forward exercise with a perforated facade showing the two main icons of the Hermandad, a Christ and a Maria Virgin.

Becoming the main facade of this newly discovered public space.

And letting the windows glow through it. This is the main constructed volume that could be understood as an icon transported by the people in the free-standing ground floor.

The patios and double spaces were placed carefully to divide the program in functional units, letting all the circulations happen in the attached box.

Ground floor would become a free space from where start the processions, lit by the facade and the light patios.

All the office spaces were solved with light structures able to change through time, a very standard space for the people hanging above a very specific space for the icons.

Basement floor.

Ground floor.

First floor.

Second floor.

Section through contact. The contact piece holds all the circulations.

Circulation scheme of the connection body.

Transversal section showing the circulation scheme, allowing an entrance for offices and another for the basement.

Phasing scheme: maximal volume, first phase and second phase.

The building had a very good sustainable scheme because of its high insulation facade and filters that would allow for low gains and losses, the installation of solar panels... Other "low technology" issues were also added, as the possibility of cross ventilation of all the rooms, the existence of a water deposit, or the lack of acclimatization in the circulation body, lowering the energy consumption of the building.

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