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Today we present a collaboration with Orb studio ( and Mona Kim ( for the Fundação Getulio Vargas ( 7 site-specific / interactive installations conceived to engage the city during the 3-day event in June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, all coming from the idea of the sphere, as a community and global icon.

Collaborating from New York, Paris and Barcelona, we went through several options to achieve the sharpest formalizations for each of the installations. We show 5 of them, including the main one in the Exhibition Center:

We started with the idea of a ball able to show information of the events on the outside and give a new world in the inside.

A wooden world to rest from the information overload and be able to focus in some content that would be given through tablets and Wi-Fi.

But this closed environment gave a wrong feeling of closed environment and we went over it by putting away the exterior cover and replacing it with LED screens.

Achieving a very interesting space.

The exhibition center ball.

Parts of it.

The plan.

The section.
After having developed this version, we twisted it completely to be a more site-specific installation: using the existing covered spaces we created a hanging roof with clothes.

One version like a courtain.

That would have hidden lights.

In a very simple way.

We were creating a very appealing space.


Or another version was using a typical cloth bracelet.

Hiding some lights behind.

In the shape of a vibrating ceiling.

Attached to the structure.


Parallel to this evolution we developed for Orb and Mona other installations:

Energy for all: 5 rows of bicycles will power a central sphere.

Parts of it.

Plan and section.

Detail plan.

Detail section showing the cloth distanced from the structure that holds the light.

Water for all: a path of water drums leads into a sphere done with recycled bottles.

The path.

The elements.

Plan showing the path.

Section showing the bottles with LED lights inside.

Better cities for all:

A sphere to get inside and surf through the most cutting-edge examples of cities.

The parts

A platform brings you to the inside and avoids the shadows of the people.

From the platform several tablets allow to surf through the information.

The globe had to be a floating sphere.
With information projected onto it.

A huge element able to communicate the event to the population.

First two renders by DL+ ( and next two by SBDA (

More information about the project under the _rio tag

More about us at

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