Intervention on a broken neighbourhood.

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We got asked what to do in a neigbourhood in Marseille (France) with big deterioration. Despite being in the center of the citty, right in the inner port, it was completely disconnected from it. The first analisis brang us to find a lack of "floor": buildings where there but they didn't have any relation with the ground (shops or anything) and the ground itself was not qualifyed (just being some parking space)

First thing we did was asking some of the big painters to be placed on the floor, showing us different ways of seeing it by placing some of their paintings instead of the floor.

The matisse painting gave us a line that could cross the neighbourhood avoiding it to have strong lines of circulation arround (green and red) it but none inside it (bule, new line proposed).

So the first actuation was finding this "soft line"

and "tighten" it to be part of the neighbourhood.

Next step was placing strips in the oposite direction that would "qualify" the floor and bring it to the sea, that had a strong activity

And using this new floor to fold it and place underneath two big constructions: a big parking to solve the new lack of parking space and a big museum to place the neighbourhood in the citty. We also placed a "small scale" service: a gym for the local people.

New scheme showing the new tension line, and the sea-line. Where they get too close they create a new public space of representation. Where they get separed they create a new public space. The undergroud museum appears as dots.

New open public space created, one space for representation, one space for civic living. In soft green existing lines. In dashed green, new line proposed.

New level 0 scheme, showing the museum, the gym, both undergroundr, and the different elements that sew the sea and the mountain.

Small animation showing the project.

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