Vivir con madera Competition

"Vivir con madera" was an open competition who asked people to give new trends of life using wood.

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Our proposal was wood2, that means reusing wood too small or too old to be reused.

The wood would be converted to small particules and mixed with stabilitzators that, once conformed would give a second life to this wood

These pieces would include 3 standard pieces able to create the basic unit. A clear loft 4x2 m. and as long as the user would want.

3 basic pieces assambled as user's dreams would say.

Basic piece.

But not all projects can be done with this abstract pieces, so we also imagined some special pieces that allow you to create other kind of habitable spaces:
A bigger one, and a roof window can help you creating a library.
Bigger separation from ground and a stair can give you a tree-house.
Special configuration creating furniture can give you a house.

Exterior view of library.

Interior view of library.

Exterior view of tree house.

Interior view of tree house.

Exterior view of the house.

Interior view of the house.

These units could be placed in any part, as they could be transported easily and assembled on place.

The house put on top of an existing roof.

The tree house.

The library in a plaza.

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