Petenio's Garden House

Exterior spaces of an existing house.

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We got asked to think the garden of Petenio's House, a free standing house that belonged to a large plot with 3 different houses of the same family. Time passed, hoses were selled and the plot repareceled.
They suddenly realised that they didn't have a proper garden, a place to eat oustide or to play football with a little bit of intimicy.

First thing was to find that the main problem was that the house and the garden limits had no relation, the house had no exterior space. To create this exterior space, the decission was start from the limits and advance towards the house.

The second decission was to give some kind of qualifyed shadow space. For that we created a cannopy with wood and iron (having in mind that the house itself was treated with iron, givin its characteristical color).

From there it was a matter of adding layers and qualifying spaces: a pavement, rethinking the green spaces, the cannopy, the sourronding walls that will be the limit to advance from, a barbeque, benches...

With that we discovered a new space in the back of the house that would become the principal space by having part of the cannopy, the barbeque, by being the place with more sun...

That is entrance image, where we wanted to add green area, a cannopy directly related to the eating room, and some benches that would be places to stay but also places to storage things, to put flowers on...

That is the resulting image, with the cannopy running towards the discovered space, the bench making the limit...

That is the space we were going to discover, a "back space" we wanted to convert in the "private space"

And we see that giving a cannopy, a brbq and making the floor regular made this a place to be, not just the rear back of the house.

This is the view just turning the house, a space with irregular ground, undefined limits and lack of qualifyed spaces.

Wich we turned in this.

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